SITIS 2019 - I-WeCA

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Web CMM Demonstrator

Color Workflow
Source Gamut
Source profile for this colorflow
Color Adaptation
Color adaptation model used
Target Color Space
TCS used for the gamut mapping
Gamut Mapping
Gamut mapping method applied
Target Color Space
Selected ΔE sampling
Inverse Color Adaptation
Color adaptation model used
Destination Gamut
Distination profile for this color flow

Workflow Parameters

Source profile (Cal or ICC files)

Destination profile (Cal or ICC files)

Target color space ΔE sampling

Gamut mapping method

Color adaptation model

Chromatic adaptation illuminant

Source Gamut

Destination Gamut

RGB Transformation

Target color space ΔE Transformation

If you click on "Test Color Flow" a new tab will be opened with a 3D environment containing the following test video: big buck bunny video.